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Candle Store Owner


In honor of our ten year anniversary, the Zoe Communications Agency is highlighting small business owners - our core client base. This country runs on the backs of small businesses. So, we'll be using our platforms to highlight the work of so many business owners who are creating space + opportunities for others.

This month, in honor of Black History Month, we're celebrating our very own #TeamZoeComm clients who are making black history, every day.


Black Motherhood & Parenting Play Festival

"Black parenthood is often overlooked in our national and artistic conversations and represented without the nuance that white parents and parenting stories often include," Garlia adds, "My journey as a parent has been alongside the growth of my artistic career. Blackboard was founded years before I had children, but remained part of my life, exposing me to the inequities in our field towards parents, BIPOC artists and women. PAAL's entrance into my life has enabled me to find the balance between advocating for others so they are supported in ways I was not and shedding light on the truths in our industry."



Mayor Rachel Proctor

Texas-bred entrepreneur, Rachel L. Proctor, has revolutionized the way people lead in business and public service. Rachel previously served as the Mayor Pro Tem for the city of DeSoto, Texas. She was elected in a Special Election in March 2013 and was re-elected in a General Election in May 2014, winning the election overwhelmingly with 78% of the vote.



100 Black Businesses.png

Edwin Robinson

Edwin Robinson fundamentally believes in the power of the people.  


Edwin works with many organizations and is the former Executive Director of Faith in Texas, but chief among his work is the Faith in Action National Network, where he works with faith leaders, particularly pastors and clergy, building a faithful movement for social justice. He transitioned here from Concord Church, a Missionary Baptist church in Southern Dallas County, to work directly within the community to address and eradicate the pervasive social evils of racial, gender and economic oppression in our community. 

Edwin believes that through the leadership of those who have been made to be “the least of these” we can dismantle the systems of oppression that continue to create the poor and powerless, and ultimately change the public face of faith in Texas. 


Rep. Carl Sherman, Sr.

State Representative Carl O. Sherman (D-District 109) is a transformational leader in faith, government, and business. A man of strong religious faith, Rep. Sherman currently serves in the role of Senior Pastor in the Church of Christ.

Out of his faith grew a desire to serve people through roles in government. Elected to serve as a Member of the Texas House of Representatives in 2019, Rep. Sherman proudly represents the citizens of House District 109, which includes DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Glenn Heights, Hutchins, Lancaster, Wilmer, as well as parts of Ovilla, Ferris, Seagoville and Dallas.

Rep. Sherman listens intently to his constituents and seeks solutions to their most challenging issues.


100 Black Businesses.png

Renita Joyce

Renita has 17+ years of management consulting and strategy development experience in transforming and driving change within Fortune 500 organizations. She is a well-rounded, authentic leader with a diverse consulting skillset, including strategic planning, initiative delivery, program/project management, technology implementations, and enterprise transformations.


A true problem solver, she creates comprehensive solutions for complex enterprise-level problems, develops actionable plans, engages resources, and ensures optimal implementation for her clients. She has successfully consulted for Microsoft, Bank of America, Hunt, Baylor Scott & White, Employbridge, Sonic, and more.


Tracy Williams

Tracy Williams

Tracy Reneé Williams is the Vice President of Learning and Development/Head of Valence Bonds for Valence Community, where she is leading the design and launch of a membership-based peer community that helps Black professionals realize their full potential as business and cultural leaders.

Tracy recently began a three-year tenure as President of the Texas Christian University (TCU) National Alumni Board and ex-officio member of the TCU Board of Trustees. She has the distinct honor of being the first Black alum to hold this position.


Tracy Williams is a communications expert who coaches leaders in communication, emotional intelligence and team development to guide their organizations into a culture of high performance. 


Jane Hope Hamilton

Jane Hope Hamilton is widely recognized as a strong leader and trusted voice among Democrats and the broader civic community in Dallas and throughout our state. Jane has deep and broad experience in public policy, in competitive campaigns, working within the Texas State legislature, and as a Chief of Staff in the U.S. Congress.

With more than two decades of experience in public policy, electoral politics, grassroots and community organizing, Jane Hope Hamilton’s work centers around the progression of underserved communities. Her career spans legislative experience in local, State and National politics. 


Tru Health Chiropractic

TRU Health Chiropractic provides its community with Chiropractic care, Manual Therapy services, and Rehabilitation services. They restore function so that your body can properly heal.


TwoWins Foundation

In 2005, Terrence and Tim established Two Wins as a non-profit organization to enrich the quality of life within urban communities.  Two Wins focuses on strengthening the educational, social, and economical base in creative and sustainable ways. The Two Wins organization has invested time and resources into various community projects and educational programs to transform the next generation.   


BFI Services

BFI Services, LLC began as "Big Fewk Investigations and Paralegal Services" and it's name derived after their CEO Cherlyn Fucuals father, "Big Fewk". His large stature and protective nature were some of the many reasons she was inspired to start BFI. Cherlyn is no stranger to hard work and her experience lends her the ability to effortlessly provide stellar service with ease. 

BFI Paralegal Services is dedicated to providing high quality paralegal services to the DFW area and the U.S.




GorJess Candle Co.

GorJess Candle Co. is a heartfelt, creative inspired company that takes its time mixing and hand pouring each candle to perfection. Each scent is properly cured and then burn tested for the best quality. 

Every candle is made with love and passion and sure to bring great scents and relaxation to your home. 


Lyons Brew

With the vision to be the providence of a Lyons resilience in every cup of freshly brewed coffee, their life revolves around coffee!


Coffee has been a childhood passion that has only grown for them. They are deeply dedicated to a Good brew by boldly uniting craft and passion in their relentless pursuit of creating unparalleled coffees & experience. They are driven by their commitment to do good by cultivating & nourishing relationships from crop to cup that promote global & local change through a spirit of generosity, hospitality, and love.




Goldnblu is a jewelry brand that celebrates the bold and the free characteristics of our friends with an extra chromosome. Every Goldnblu piece is unique - no two pieces will ever be just alike, just like friends.


People with special abilities share a magically unique view of their worlds - bold freedom. At GoldnBlu, we strive to celebrate extraordinary humans with one-of-a-kind creations, bringing awareness and joy to every wearer. Every piece in this line we're creating is literally gold/yellow and blue -- the colors for Down Syndrome Awareness.



Brand Baby

Your business is your baby. You care for it. You invest time in it. You guard it with everything you have. Your mission and values are expressed in your work everyday, but now you’re ready to turn it up a notch.


From startups to established platforms, we’re all about leaving your customers connected, confident, and ready to commit to what you offer. It's a win, win.



100 Black Businesses (Website).png

Impact Ventures

Genius is equally distributed across zip-codes. Access and Opportunity is not.

Impact Ventures is here to change that; we believe in the value of leveraging the genius of all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or class. We envision an economy where access, opportunity, and prosperity is shared. Our mission is to empower talented, yet under-estimated Women and Communities of Color to build generational wealth through inclusive entrepreneurship, community wealth building, and integrated capital


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