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Our Work

In our experience, many communities and community-related organizations are looking for ways to engage their citizens with new or existing brand directions and initiatives. This is often after spending thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing in previous years. They are looking for marketing and engagement solutions that create measurable results.

Yet we understand that every community has its quirks and uniqueness. We bring our experience with nuanced communities and pair it with study and research to craft engagement strategies tailored to your needs.
We are the communications strateqists with all the tools in our toolkit.

Cedar Hill Strong

Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

One of our notable projects involved collaborating with the Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to develop a robust program centered around their #CedarHillStrong | Economy campaign. Our goal was to tell a compelling story while also providing citizens and small business owners with practical resources to navigate the post-pandemic landscape.

The City of Cedar Hill responded to the pandemic by funding the Cedar Hill Strong Grant/Loan Program for over 70 small businesses. We created a compelling video series highlighting the resilience and contributions of these businesses, using our expertise in video production, website design, and branding.

TCU Black Excellence Gala

Texas Christian University

We understand that the success of our projects is a direct reflection of the collective efforts of our exceptional team and the collaboration with our valued clients.

We are delighted to share our recent achievement as the event management crew for the inaugural TCU Black Excellence Gala – an honor and a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results. This remarkable event unfolded seamlessly.

Freedom Can't Wait

Freedom Can't Wait 

Faith In Texas

On Juneteenth of 2023, we had the privilege of amplifying the event experience with visuals and storytelling for the Faith in Texas Leaders Assembly. To enhance the event's narrative, we crafted a mini immersive gallery experience, featuring commissioned chalk walls, thoughtfully designed shirts, engaging floor clings, and captivating videos. We also curated a playlist that resonated with the event's themes and provided moments of reflection through guided meditations

Throughout the event, we ensured real-time social media posting to create buzz and encourage broader engagement. Every element we created was meticulously branded to seamlessly align with the overall story and message of the Faith in Texas Leaders Assembly.

Spring Gala: Le Fête Rouge et Violette 

WaterTower Theatre

Our team had the honor of event planning, managing, and branding
the 2023 WaterTower Theatre Spring Gala.


We got to work beside the incredible production team at WaterTower as brand managers and event managers. We celebrated the return of the arts and theatre with a night of crafty cocktails, delicious food, and stunning entertainment.

Freedom Can't Wait 

Think Out, Be Light Fashion Show

Zoe Communications Agency

Think Out, Be Light is the coolest, happiest day of the year. TOBL is a  fashion show that celebrates children and young adults with disabilities. It happens every year during World Down Syndrome Day and provides an opportunity for us to remind our friends and loved ones about just how important every human life is. 

Founded in 2012 by Feleceia Benton, our team has stayed motivated by a little kid named Zoe, born with an amputee with an extra chromosome, to always strive to do better for those who could use a few extra spokespeople.


Zoe Communications Agency

In the spirit of having shared new ideas, discoveries, and theories, TEDxDeepEllum, an independently organized TED event, hosted its inaugural TEDx event! The theme for that year was "Inked." The theme was brought to our community to philosophically represent the ways we could 'ink' (change) the system, or how we were being 'inked' by the consequences and/or benefits of modern culture.


Being inked could also metaphorically or literally represent the way we saw the world and how we represented ourselves. At TEDxDeepEllum 2023, we welcomed our community to gather and gain insight into how we were 'inking' the world and how the world was 'inking' us.

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