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And sometimes, you just need someone to hold your hand while you figure it out.


There's nothing I hate more than trying to figure out what to post when I'm up against a time crunch. 


I've got an idea for a post and I know that in theory, I should post it, but all the words suddenly seem to escape me and I end up spending half the day trying to figure out what to say only to not say anything at all.


That's just no way to live, right?


With a little help and maybe even a little hand holding, we can all do better.


Spend a few hours at the beginning of 2022 in a guided workshop by the crew at #TeamZoeComm while we help you get your brand life all the way together!


In this workshop you will:

  • Create a content strategy for the year

  • Create an editorial calendar for the year

  • Learn about how to create content for your target market

  • Discover your brand Voice and brand Persona

  • Identify which social media platforms you'll focus on

  • Learn tactics for increasing your email subscribers


We are a one-stop-shop that takes you from concept to streaming. We are a hands-on asset through consultation, training, strategy sessions, and more.