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Free Networking Mixer for Professionals and Entrepreneurs in DFW Hosted by Zoe Communications Agency

Our team is ending the year just like we started - by bringing community together.

Golden Hour is our take on a happy hour, but with just the right amount of *extra.* Our next one is set to take place at Deep Ellum’s LightWork Studio on September 27.

We don't know about you, but we network just a little bit better when the sun is on its way down, *especially* in the fall. And, we like the way the light hits our loft just right around the 6-o'clock hour. We don't know about you but, for our team, post-pandemic life has been wacky. Networking, marketing, promoting the business - it just doesn't feel the same.

Our Co-Principals, Feleceia and Frankie Wilson have been thinking a lot about community, especially coming out of the last couple of years. "Getting back out into the world doing social things has felt kind of strange, especially as a small business owner,” said Frankie Wilson, co-principal of the agency.

“I decided that I wanted us to use our space - both our skills and our literal loft space - to create opportunities for people to connect again; cooking classes, networky things, workshops - we've got a lot of ground to cover,”explained Feleceia Wilson.

We've spent the last several months behind the scenes building partnerships with people who also want to collaborate and ease back into the world. And, this Golden Hour is in partnership with two incredible collaborators - Angel's Envy + The Cupcake Experience.

We're opening up our spot for our neighbors near, and a little beyond. We want to know you, connect with you, plug you with like-minded people, and treat you to an evening of networking done differently.

This free event isn’t just for Dallas residents, but all business owners or professionals in the region. Reservations are required, as slots are limited. For more information or to register, visit

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