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Foundations Workshop Series 
Beginning June 2023


The basics are mad underrated, which is why we're running back to them. 

We're taking you with us. 


No parts of marketing are created equal, but business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders have the massive responsibility of understanding how it all works. That's not even reasonable. 


And that's why we' re big believers in teaching what we know. 

Consider our Foundations Series a safe space for asking all the questions you've been wanting someone to explain but haven't had the person to ask. 

We're your people. 


And we'll never, ever assume that you know how everything works, because quite frankly, how could you possibly?


Through this in-person experience we'll help you grasp foundational concepts in marketing and branding so that you can move forward with just a little more confidence.

Class 1: Foundations of Podcasting (June 17) 

Class 2: Foundations of Public Relations (July 15) 

Class 3: Foundations of the Camera (August 26) 

Class 4: Foundations of Social Media (September 9)

Class 5: Foundations of Event Marketing (October 14) 

Class 6: Foundations of Canva ( November 4) 

What's happening next?

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