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Running online conferences may sound easy in theory, but actually requires more research and tech-savvy than most might think. Since the summer of 2020 alone, our team has produced over 50 live-streamed and hybrid events. 


Essentially, we are a one-stop shop that takes you from concept to streaming, a hands-on asset through consultation, training, strategy sessions, and more. 

Part of planning a solid hybrid or virtual event includes clear and concise programming. There is something unique about every organization. No two virtual events are exactly the same, so we won't treat you as such. Take a look at the structure of the events we have highlighted below. If one of these resonates with you, request a customization consultation. Let us help you build your event!

Simulated Concert

We love Simulated Livestreams because they give clients a freedom not otherwise available with a true live. We have found that there is a special knack required to master brodcasting concerts. From ensuring the sound in the building matches the sound online, to accurately converying the energy of the perfomers to the audience, it takes experience. We've got that in droves.

Hybrid Event

Use a Hybrid Event to create shared experiences for online and on-site attendees. Hosting a hybrid event isn't as simple as hosting two events happening at the same time. Both elements require equal care and competency. With the right execution, hybrid events can expand your reach, increase sponsorships, deliver more attendee value, and ultimately drive more revenue to your organization.

Simulated Live

A simulated live is essentially a pre-recorded video set to be streamed at a specific time as if it were live. Simulated lives are to be confused with on-demand functionality. Clients have the option to monitor view access, charge for views, and stream to a variety of platforms. This option is also excellent if you're desire chat monitoring and additional online support for your viewer community.

Live Panel

Virtual discussions have been commonplace for uses like educational webinars and office training. However, due to the pandemic, this number has increased exponentially. This recent shift calls for way to brand, gather, and broadcast remotely. Consider a Live Panel to share live dialogue from experts, presenters, or community leaders. 

The Process

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We help you with creating/refining your streaming idea.



We walk you through the steps of creating a sound marketing strategy and a possible advertising campaign. Our team will prepare a production calendar to help promote, schedule, and manage your event. We will also provide support for merch creation and talent sourcing if needed.



We will help create or refine your imaging and ensure the branding of your images match the brand identity of your stream.



We help you create a plan for the stream format and prep. We also assist in creating a brand identity.



We will help distribute your content across digital viewing platforms via streaming or crossposting. Our team will also be hands-on live to manage interactive features (ie., chats, Q+A, and polls).



We can also assist you with data collection and analysis and other reports gathered prior to, during, and after your online event.

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Live/Hybrid Event Contat
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