Non-profit organizations are frequently looking for ways to tell their stories and advertise programs created to address how community members engaged with them or one another.


We help programs share their stories by building or refining their brand identities, crafting a targeted message, and communicating it through the appropriate medium. 



starting at $2,552

Who’s it for? Campaigns are for folks who are trying to tell one specific message over a short period of time. That means that they are using all kinds of content — events, video, photography, graphic design, blog writing — to get people to “buy-in” to what they’re doing.


Why create a campaign? Campaigns are great to promote events, increase enrollment, or promote a single idea or product.



starting at $1,527/mo

Our social media management plans are for folks who are ready to take their social media game super seriously. Good social media means PLANNING, PRODUCING, EXECUTING and ANALYZING the content that we produce on your behalf.


With our monthly social media management plans, we’ll create campaigns and content that’s specific to your marketing goals. That includes the creation of things like video, photography, graphic design, and blog writing.


starting at $270/mo

Let’s face it — most NPOs can’t afford the high cost of a marketing professional, let alone multiple staff members who can handle events, social media, graphic design, media buying — the list is never-ending.

Thankfully, our team is a great stepping stone for NPOs who know they need full-time marketing help but can’t quite afford a full-time staffer.


We are marketing professionals with years of experience in generating real-life, real-time results. And we’d love to be the folks that help you achieve your big goals.


starting at $2,880

Creating a brand goes far beyond the logo.


Good brand creation means that you know who you are, what you want to offer to the world, and where you are going. Lots of really tough questions go into effective brand creation. And brand creation is where we shine.


Here’s what you’ll get:

5 Strategy Sessions: getting clear on what you want, crafting your brand’s identity, navigate understanding your audience, your brand’s sound, and personality, identify social media channels for your business

  • Website Content Development

  • Website Development

  • Logo Creation

  • Business Card [hard copy + digital]

  • Social Media Set-Up


We’ll also create all of the visuals for your event in order to craft a cohesive, branded experience — from the video, graphic design and written content, our team has the whole experience covered.


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I am the Executive Director of Advancement for Cedar Valley College. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to start working with our Marketing Department. After the director and I started to look at what we could do to increase enrollment, Zoe Communications came to mind. We are going on our third year and we can’t thank them enough! We have seen increased awareness about the college and an increase in enrollment! This is a very professional, dedicated, and committed team. I feel like they are just a part of our family now. You won’t go wrong with Team Zoe!

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