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Many people are often jaded by the words “personal brand." Photoshoots, hair and make-up, making logos-it can all feel just a little uncomfortable. But we welcome the mission to help them tell their stories and to share their journeys, without making them look and sound like just another cliche.


Our team is equipped to craft all elements of your personal branding needs. From concept to creation, we take over photography, logo and website creation. In addition, we work to craft intelligent campaigns and continue to work with you on branded pieces that tell you stories with authenticity and passion. 


Brand Deeply


Pricing varies.

BRAND work is HARD work. 


It’s work that should be approached intentionally and thoughtfully. Because a brand, your brand, is literally a reflection of you. 


And who wouldn’t want to think deeply about the unique person that is you? 


BRAND DEEPLY is a program designed by the team at the Zoe Communications Agency for personal brands, small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Our goal is to help you answer the big brand questions that you’ll need to know in order to move forward with marketing with lots of confidence. 


It was created to anchor you in your direction and your process, and to give you a pathway toward progress before you get lost in an inevitable sea of ideas. 


In this program you will:

  • Define who you are and what you want people to understand about you

  • Determine for whom your brand is designed 

  • Decide what products and services to brand for your audience

  • Learn how to create your brand story 

  • Grasp an understanding of the number of ways you can tell your story online and beyond (website, social media, public relations, etc.) 

  • Decide the right tools to tell your story 

You can participate with Brand Deeply in THREE WAYS: 


  1. Brand Deeply Live Training

  2. Brand Deeply Monthly Consulting

  3. Brand Deeply Organizational Team Session



starting at $270/mo

Facegram, Instasnap, Snapbook — or something like that. It all sounds the exact same to you. Should you buy a radio ad? Someone called you about running a billboard and the price sounded pretty good…or did it?


Marketing these days is more complicated than the gurus have made it sound, and at the end of the day, you just wanna make some sales.


But how, Sway?


Lucky for you, we believe in results — like big time. Like if we can't figure out how to create some results, we should probably give you your money back. We’re not, (because bills), but we can give you some solid insight on how to spend your dollars wisely. We’re basically like you’re own personal Jiminy Cricket…without the umbrella.


starting at $2,880

Creating a brand goes far beyond the logo.


Good brand creation means that you know who you are, where you are going and what you want to offer to the world. Lots of really tough questions go into effective brand creation - and brand creation is where we shine. 


Here’s what you’ll get in our Branding from the Bottom Up package: 

  • FIVE 60-90 Minute Strategy Sessions where we will:

    • help you get clear on what you want 

    • break down your audience(s) and establish your brand’s sound and personality 

    • break down and establish the needs of your website 

    • determine what marketing pieces will be created to serve your message best 

    • identify the best social media channels for your organization (Sessions will be conducted by our co-principal team and creative director) 


  • You will also receive, if needed:

    • Website Content Development

    • Website Development

    • Logo Creation

    • Business Card [hard copy + digital]

    • Social Media Set-Up



The Zoe Communications Agency GETS IT! Every project we work on together proves they are professional and wise. They find the gaps and then fill them with product offerings and strategic planning that has been a game-changer for us! Book an appointment now. You won't regret it!

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